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Both the liver and colon cleanses are beneficial and most people feel better after doing one.  Getting impurities out of the body is an ongoing battle due to the pollution we are exposed to on a regular basis.  We live in a world where it is virtually impossible to avoid the impurities in the air, water, and food.  These pollutants, or impurities, are now being blamed for many of today’s serious health problems.*

Our body is designed to expel harmful elements before they can harm us, and while our large intestine plays an important part in the process of elimination, our liver is one of our most important organs.  Its job is to break down those harmful substances and clean and filter our blood.  It secretes vital digestive juices that help us process and properly absorb essential nutrients.   A healthy liver clears almost 100% of the bacteria and impurities from the body, filters over 2 quarts of blood per minute, and is the only organ that can regenerate itself if damaged.*

When the liver becomes overloaded by impurities on a constant basis, the ability to cleanse the blood becomes hindered.  In some instances, it completely shuts down, resulting in death.  Avoiding the consequences of a clogged liver encourages many to do liver cleanses.*

While the liver cleanse is beneficial, consider what the liver is doing.  It is filtering impurities from the body by cleansing the blood.  After a liver cleanse, the liver is temporarily relieved of the impurities that had been building up since the last liver cleanse.  In our modern society we are bombarded daily by impurities and our organs are unable to keep up without help.  The liver will again build up impurities and require yet another cleanse.  One naturopath, who normally cleansed about once every three months, found it necessary to do liver cleanses several times per week to stay ahead of the build-up of impurities.  There is a definite need to cleanse on a daily basis, and to also cleanse all of the organs, not just a select few that are heavily promoted in the media.*

As far as the colon cleanse, we see the same problem.  The same process occurs as the colon gradually builds-up impurities requiring another cleanse.  It is also just one organ, and ignoring the other organs while cleansing just one is only a temporary fix at best.*

Avoiding health problems also leads many to do colon cleanses.  According to colon cleanse proponents, they say that your colon is contaminated with fecal matter and over time this fecal matter becomes encrusted in the colon, blocking its openings, and slowing down the passage of stools.  This fecal matter then continues to build up for days, weeks, months, and even years, putrefying and then poisoning your entire system.*

Colon cleansing is the process of clearing out all of the impurities, and accumulated fecal matter from inside the colon.  This build-up of fecal matter, sludge, and mucus causes impurities to be released into your bloodstream because your colon inadvertently tries to absorb the waste when it cannot obtain enough nutrients.  In addition, this build-up can substantially diminish your bowel's natural functioning as it becomes clogged over time and is unable to work efficiently.*

Gastroenterologists, or GI doctors, have their patients do a colon cleanse prior to a colonoscopy, and for several days after the cleanse most of their patients report feeling better.  Within the medical profession there are pros and cons on colon cleansing, but most of us can agree that when the bowels are functioning properly there is less need to cleanse.  The problem most people face is that their bowels are not functioning normally and their intestines can contain as much as 30 pounds of fecal matter.  If our food is not processed and eliminated in a timely manner, we are faced with increased health risks.  It is up to each of us to take control of our health and not only recognize the potential problems but seek out the best solution.*

If colon and liver cleanses are beneficial, what about the other organs in our body?  Does it make sense to limit our attention to just one or two organs, even as important as they are?  If there is an easy, simple, and effective way to cleanse the entire body, including the liver and colon, wouldn’t that be even more beneficial?  Obviously the answer is a resounding YES!*

Cleansing just one or two organs is only a small part of the solution to better health.*

Replenishing the body with high grade, dense, nutrition while cleansing the impurities from all of the cells, creates an environment where the body may naturally:
  • Shed unneeded fat*
  • Build lean muscle*
  • Restore lost energy*
  • Improve mental clarity*
  • Increase stamina*
  • Improve sleep patterns*
Cleansing the entire body at the cellular level is now possible through our nutritional cellular cleansing systems. Over years, many of our bodies have become depleted of the essential nutrients we need to maintain our health.  We have also been exposed to thousands of chemicals that our body has expelled or attempted to expel.  Our body is an incredible machine and is designed to filter out all of the dangerous elements we are exposed to.  That is why the liver and colon get so much attention.*

It is obvious to many in the health business that our bodies are unable to keep up with the volume of pollutants we are ingesting and/or absorbing and we need to do something to help our filters do their job.  This need has led to an increase, in the past decade or so, in the number of different colon and liver cleanses on the market.  There is little doubt that helping the body eliminate harmful elements is beneficial, and an organ-cleanse that focuses on just one organ is better than totally ignoring the problem.  What is missing with most cleanses is the need to cleanse more than just one organ, plus the need to replenish the body with the nutrition that is missing in our modern-day lifestyle.*

With our nutritional cellular cleansing systems, the entire body is cleansed of impurities and then flooded with high grade nutrition giving the body what it needs to begin to repair from years of damage.  Many of you reading this are already using these systems and have experienced first-hand the unbelievable benefits of an overall feeling of wellness and energy.  And, for most of us, a much needed release of unwanted fat.  If you haven’t started yet, now is the very best time to do so.  We have nutritional cleansing coaches who will help you reach your goals.  The coaching is a free option available to any who start the program and want the best results.*
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