Accelerated Long-Term Weight Loss
Getting those extra pounds off as quickly as possible, while doing it safely, is an important step to better health.  With over 60 diseases related to obesity and being overweight, it is crucial to our well-being that we do all we can to achieve our optimum weight as quickly as possible.   We have hundreds of stories from people just like us, who have achieved incredible results with our safe accelerated weight loss.*
The United States is in a true health crisis.  We are sicker and more overweight than ever before with 80% of our population being overweight and a third of them being obese.  We are in the epicenter of an obesity pandemic, and as more countries adapt to a Western lifestyle, rates of obesity and associated health problems will continue to rise steadily in both adults and children.  According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, obesity, poor physical activity, and resultant illness are overtaking tobacco as the leading cause of preventable death in this country.  In 2000, obesity and inactivity caused 400,000 deaths, more than 16% of all deaths in the United States.   In the same year, tobacco related deaths were 18.1%.  Obesity costs Americans $117 billion in 2000 according to the Surgeon General.* 
Now more than ever, people are looking to address this battle of the bulge, and many of us will look toward a fad diet to help with the excess pounds.  Fad diets are not the answer for long-term health or weight management.  Many issues surround these quick-fix plans that do not address internal health or nutritional rejuvenation.* 
Many health experts believe that fad dieting places stress on your body and that the repeated stress of losing and gaining weight may be just as bad for long-term health as being overweight.  In other words, most diets deprive the body of nutrients and put the body in a state of deprivation, and they do nothing to rid the body of impurities that in most cases are the major cause of the weight gain.* 
Nutritional cellular cleansing rids the body of impurities so the body can release excess fat and water.  At the same time, nutritional cellular cleansing floods the body with high grade, dense nutrition allowing for rapid and safe weight loss.  Also, nutritional cellular cleansing provides energy and a feeling of overall well-being*
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